KelKorp Design - Web Design - Graphic Design - Multimedia  

KelKorp is a design studio specializing in all areas of commercial design and art. We provide an able and knowlegeble art studio capable of creating web sites, and more, for your company. Start promoting on the internet now and have KelKorp make it an effective and productive venture!

With future internet online sales projections in the billions, web sites are becoming an important and major form of advertising. The internet is a global communications center, and as a result your web site will automatically welcome your business into an international marketplace. A web sites is an inexpensive form of continual advertising, and is simple to update on a regular basis. A web site demonstrates that your business is on the cutting edge of the marketplace and is willing to effectively service customers in new and innovative ways. A web site allows your customers access to pertinent information concerning your company's products and services. One of the benefits of such direct contact is the valuable information you will gain about customers through e-mail, feedback forms, and on-line ordering.

KelKorp's internet consulting will answer your questions and aid you with your internet business needs. We will consult with you on access to the internet, web hosting, and domain name registration. We will also aid you with the marketing of your site, from indexing your site into search engines, to full internet marketing campaigns.

All sites are custom designed to meet your business needs. Image maps, animation, video, and other interactive multimedia can also be created for use on your web sites, and we also offer copywriting services. We will work with you to create a web site which evokes your company image.

KelKorp offers web site creation with attention to detail and design. We focus on the quality and look of your site as well as its technical efficiency and reliability. We offer cost effective solutions to suit your web site needs. All web sites are created on a per project basis, contact KelKorp to discuss what kind of a web site you are looking for.